The hardest part about opening a business isn’t what you’re going to serve, it’s how people are going to remember what you’ve created.

Since opening our doors in 2018, much like the plants that surround us, we have been growing alongside our beautiful community. What started as an idea among friends quickly developed into a busy-bubbly Café that focuses on serving delicious, inspired food, amazing coffee, and friendly service with a smile.

Fork N Flower Café, owned by Marty Chichester is a sister venue to Mr Grubb Bistro and Manor Suite Wine Bar (formerly Marty @ Oakdene Restaurant) located at Oakdene Winery.

The idea of opening a Café was first thought of when owners of Geelong Flower Farm, Frank & Glen, were discussing the notion while visiting the Marty @ Oakdene restaurant. Sometimes, one discussion is all you need. Once the idea came to life, plans were drawn, construction began, and the rest is history.

Finding a memorable name to make you stand out can be as difficult as deciding what’s on the menu. Fork N’ Flower was named in reference to a French restaurant from the 60’s located in the Blue Mountains called the ‘Fork N’ View’. Marty remembered this restaurant from his time spent cooking in New South Wales with the name always making him laugh. Knowing the Café would be located at a flower farm, the ‘Fork N’ Flower’ name, pays homage to owners Frank & Glen of the Geelong Flower Farm who helped Marty expand his business ventures.

Photogallery rendered here.